“The tears running down your face do not blind you.”

“Togolese Proverb”

At Cheza, our goal is to tell ‘our’ stories through rich colorful fabrics which illustrate the culture of Africa.

Welcome to Cheza Toys, an African-featured toy company proudly and lovingly conceived to disrupt playtime. We thank you in advance for coming by. We hope to engage you in our illustration of African’s narrative as executed through our beautifully heartfelt products. We created this company with you in mind.

Cheza is not only a toy company but also an incredible learning experience. It is a disturbance of what you may or may not know today about Africa. We offer everyone at all ages an opportunity to share stories and celebrate diversities.

There are many stories to be told.

This toy company is about collaborating with local creatives across the region in order to celebrate our differences, disrupt the toy industry along with this most diverse, elegant and rich continent.

Cheza Toys is an online shop, with a few selected distributors in a limited number of countries: Ghana, Nigeria, United Kingdom.

Cheza by Adjoa

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